Netflix’s ‘Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina’ Will Officially Be Named… ‘Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina’

Though most have been calling Netflix‘s upcoming Archie Comics adaptation ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ based on the dark modern comic series, Netflix had stated that it’s possible that the show would go by a different name when it premiered.  But now it’s official.  The new show is going by the name ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’.

The show was created by showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa who also wrote the original comic book series.  ‘Mad Men’ alum Kiernan Shipka stars are the legendary Teenage Witch, Sabrina Spellman.  The cast also includes former Disney star Ross Lynch as boyfriend Harvey Kinkle, who unbeknownst to him, comes from a long line of witch hunters.  ‘Wonder Woman”s Lucy Davis and ‘Lord of the Rings” Miranda Otto star as Sabrina’s aunts, Hilda and Zelda, while her cousin Ambrose will be played by newcomer Chance Perdomo.  ‘Doctor Who”s Michelle Gomez appears as Sabrina’s favorite teacher Mary Wardell who comes under the influence of the evil Father Blackwood, played by Richard CoyleBronson Pinchot portrays high school principal George Hawtorne, while Jaz Sinclair appears as Sabrina’s best friend Rosalind Walker and Tati Gabrielle plays mean girl Prudence.  The show also includes crotchety cat Salem, but it’s unknown who will provide his voice.

The new series draws influences from horror classics like ‘The Exorcist’ and ‘Rosemary’s Baby’.  It may… or may not.. exist in the same continuity as The CW’s ‘Riverdale’.  In fact, ‘Sabrina’ was conceived of as a spinoff from the popular teen drama and certain elements from ‘Riverdale”s second season hinted at the mysterious goings-on in the neighboring town of Greendale, where ‘Sabrina’ takes place.  But The CW passed on ‘Sabrina’ in order to possibly pick up a revival of ‘Charmed’.  (It is still unknown if that show will be ordered to series.)  After ‘Riverdale’ proved incredibly successful on Netflix last summer, the streaming service pounced and ordered two ten-episode seasons of ‘Sabrina’.

Netflix hasn’t announced a premiere date for the first season, but it is likely to arrive this fall, in time for the new TV season… and Halloween.  ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ is currently filming.

Source: TV Line

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