Could A VERY Unlikely Hero Return In ‘Avengers 4’?

Fans are already speculating on which characters from ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ are really dead and which are just off the game board for now.  ‘Infinity War’ already saw the return of one unlikely character, the Red Skull, who was reanimated as the guardian of the Soul Stone.  (With a different actor, Ross Marquand of ‘The Walking Dead’ replacing Hugo Weaving.)  But now rumors are swirling that a possibly even more unlikely character could be revived in ‘Avengers 4’ perhaps through the miracle of the Time Stone.

While some characters appear to die only to return– like Bucky or (kind of) Phil Coulson— others are seemingly killed off for good– like Peggy Carter.  But what about QuicksilverAaron Taylor-Johnson played Wanda Maximoff’s twin brother in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ but during that film’s climactic battle, the audience was faked into thinking Hawkeye was about to die, only for Quicksilver to take the bullets for him and perish.  It’s believed that this death was dictated by the higher-ups at Disney or Marvel Studios, possibly because the character was simultaneously being used in 20th Century Fox’s ‘X-Men’ movies, as played by ‘American Horror Story”s Evan Peters.

But could Quicksilver come sprinting back into the Marvel Cinematic Universe?  Whether it’s true or not, Britain’s Sunday Express reported that Taylor-Johnson was spotted on the set of ‘Avengers 4’.  That may mean nothing.  He might have been filming something else nearby and just popped by to see his former co-stars.  And Taylor-Johnson has co-starred with Elizabeth Olsen more than once.  In addition to ‘Age of Ultron’, they co-starred in ‘Godzilla’ and it’s entirely possible they formed a close bond then.

Taylor-Johnson wasn’t the only actor that played a deceased character that was reportedly spied in Atlanta filming ‘Avengers 4’.  Frank Grillo, who play Brock Rumlow/Crossbones, was also spotted. His character died in ‘Captain America: Civil War’.  AND the kicker, so was Tom Hiddleston, whose Loki was killed in ‘Infinity War’.  Are they possibly filming nightmarish dream sequences?  Or… let’s be honest, could these just be outright lies or inaccuracies?  Could time travel factor into the plot of the next ‘Avengers’ movie?

We’ll have to wait until next year to find out if any of these dead characters returns.  Would you like to see Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Quicksilver return?  What about Crossbones or Loki?

Jason Motes

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