Ray Fisher Wants Out Of The DC Expanded Universe

A batch of RUMORS have surfaced regarding Warner Brothers’ DC Expanded Universe and perhaps one of the most alarming is that Ray Fisher wants out of the role of Cyborg/Victor Stone.  Fisher was the least experienced actor selected to join the cinematic ‘Justice League’, which was fitting in that Cyborg is the least-known of the heroes.  He appeared briefly in 2016’s ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’, before playing a major role in 2017’s ‘Justice League’ and plans were in place for a solo film.  But as we know, following the lackluster performances of ‘BvS’ and ‘Justice League’, there has been some major restructuring going on at Warner Brothers in an effort to course correct its DC film universe and Cyborg may have been been a casualty of all of that.

Of the ‘Justice League’, Cyborg’s solo movie was the one planned the furthest out– 2020, indicating that the studio wasn’t as confident in this film as it was those for ‘Wonder Woman’, ‘Aquaman’, etc.

Add to that the fact that the two “breakout” characters from ‘Justice League’ were Jason Momoa’s robust Aquaman and Ezra Miller’s dorky Flash.  Even though ‘JL’ under-performed, fans were still keen on seeing what those two characters were going to do next.  While Fisher didn’t do poorly in his role, no one was really buzzing about him either and considering that Cyborg has the least name recognition among the general public, this film really needed to have served him a bit more in order to drum up interest.

At one point, the buzz was that Cyborg would play a significant role in ‘The Flash’, for that very purpose, but ‘The Flash’ is another movie WB doesn’t seem to know how to approach.  It was rumored for a while that a solo ‘Flash’ was being retooled into ‘Flashpoint’ in order to help course correct the DC movies, but the latest word is that it has reverted back to a solo film but that Cyborg will no longer be in it.

On top of all that, the ‘Cyborg’ movie has been removed from WB’s release schedule.

Fisher is reportedly “very upset” at the way Cyborg was handled in ‘Justice League’ and the fact that he doesn’t seem to be a priority.  Essentially, it seems that he is being strung along.  He signed on to a dream job in what WB expected to be a flourishing franchise, but with all the struggles, Cyborg doesn’t look to be the big break it once seemed.

In perhaps unrelated news, Cyborg is rumored to be a main character in the ‘Doom Patrol’ TV series that WB has announced will be available on its DC Universe streaming service and will debut sometime next year.

Keep in mind that this is all RUMOR at this point.  But it has always seemed that ‘Cyborg’ was the lowest hero on the totem pole, so it wouldn’t be unheard of for Fisher to want out.

In the meantime, look for Fisher in his first post-DC role in the upcoming season of ‘True Detective’.

Source: Comic Book Movie

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