Jeph Loeb Discusses How Thanos’ Finger Snap Will Impact The TV Universe, Iron Fist’s Costume And ‘New Warriors’

Marvel TV chief Jeph Loeb took part in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), but just because fans were free to ask anything doesn’t mean that Loeb was obligated to respond or at least give more than a teasing “Wait and see.”  While Loeb didn’t really answer directly to most inquiries, what he did say seemed to indicate that the future wasn’t exactly bright for the ‘Inhumans’, which ABC cancelled after a low-rated and critically trashed first season, or for ‘Agent Carter’, the better-received, but still low-rated period drama starring Hayley Atwell, reprising her role from the ‘Captain America’ movies.  And though it’s mostly common knowledge at this point, he restated that there were currently no plans for a second season of Netflix’s ‘Defenders’.

Though it was like pulling teeth, Loeb did manage to give a few satisfying answers to fans.  When asked about ‘The New Warriors’ the 30-minute Marvel sitcom that Freeform ordered straight to series, only to pass once they saw the pilot, Loeb said that Marvel TV was “working on” finding a new venue for it.  When asked whether or not Danny Rand (Finn Jones) would adopt a superhero suit on ‘Iron Fist’, he replied “You’ll be very happy with Season 2 coming this year!”

And while the Marvel Studios movies ignore the happenings in the TV universe, the shows still borrow plot developments from the films.  Does that mean that the biggest development yet in the films– Thanos‘ fateful finger snap from ‘Avengers: Infinity War’, which wiped out half the life in the universe, including half the movie heroes– will also have repercussions on the TV series when they return?

While that might have been an interesting challenge for the creators of those shows to work around, it doesn’t appear that they will be reacting to that particular twist.  Loeb stated:

“For the most part our stories will take place BEFORE Thanos clicked his fingers. A lot of that has to do with production and when we are telling our stories vs. when the movies come out.”

This makes sense, as ‘Infinity War’ ended on a massive cliffhanger that won’t be resolved until ‘Avengers 4’ next year.  Since the makers of the show don’t know exactly how the filmmakers plan to resolve things, it makes more sense to just slot the shows chronologically before that.

What do you think?  Are you happy with Loeb’s responses?  How do you think the TV shows work as opposed to the movies?

Source: TV Line

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