DC Universe Streaming Service May Arrive Earlier Than Anticipated

Warner Bros is launching its new DC Universe streaming service this year.  DC Universe will offer a slew of DC animated and live action series, including five new offerings– ‘Titans’, ‘Young Justice’ Season Three, ‘Swamp Thing’, ‘Harley Quinn’ and ‘Doom Patrol’, the last of which won’t debut until 2019.  It appears subscribers will also be able to read classic DC comic books through this service.

It had previously been stated that DC Universe would launch in the fourth quarter of this year, which would be October a the earliest, but according to comments from DC Entertainment Community Manager, Dani Snow, it may arrive a couple of months early.

“We are about to launch, I think late August, our DC Digital platform, which will be a hub for all things DC. There will be digital movies, TV shows that you can watch, streaming. We’re gonna have a lot of comics on there. There’s gonna be a lot of good stuff on there.

“Right now, we’re working on getting everything from the back catalog of animated TV shows and movies on there now, but we will also be producing. I think, right now, we have four in production, original shows, including Swamp Thing.”

While this doesn’t necessarily sound concrete, it would be nice for fans to be able to view the new ‘Titans’ live action series and ‘Young Justice’ Season Three earlier than expected.  That’s not even taking into account other possible programming that may be offered, like all of the DC movies and animated series from days past.  (All episodes of ‘The Super Friends’ at my disposal?  You win, WB!)

Of the new shows, ‘Young Justice’ is probably the one that most people are looking forward to, considering it has a passionate fan base and the second season ended on the juiciest of cliffhangers.  And the original creative team and voice actors have returned for the new episodes.  ‘Titans’ could go either way.  The Teen Titans also have a passionate fan base, but so far the images that have been released or leaked have been… lacking.

The animated ‘Harley Quinn’ should be a hit, considering how popular the character is.  ‘Swamp Thing’ on the other hand, may be something strictly for the die-hards.

There were plans for a series called ‘Metropolis‘, but that apparently didn’t make the grade, so it is being retooled, possibly for a later release.  And ‘Doom Patrol’ will be a spin-off from ‘Titans’ and will showcase Cyborg.  ‘Titans’ just wrapped, so presumably, ‘Doom Patrol’ will go into production soon.

Will you be subscribing to DC Universe?

Source: Cinema Blend

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