If You Want Your Amazon Device To Kill You Just Say “Alexa … Open Westworld”

HBO has built a new game for Amazon device owners to play and all you need to say is “Alexa … open Westworld” to launch it. After this, you’ll be entering ‘Westworld: The Maze’ which is a choose your own adventure game where you play as a host trying to survive. The game has plenty of replay value as there are three levels of gameplay that include over 60 storylines and 400 unique choices that are all related to Westworld.

Sounds like just the thing for real fans to get lost in for a bit.

If you aren’t up to snuff and you make the wrong choices then Alexa will make sure that you “die” which could very well be the beginnings of Skynet.

Kidding aside, here’s what you can expect:

The game takes about 20 minutes to complete for those cunning enough to stay alive that long. Each moment of the game was designed with a purpose, much like the show itself. Within the game’s detailed sound design and scripted interactions, anything could be a clue. It will take a true superfan to find the center of The Maze.

Some of the storylines include bandits in the streets of Sweetwater, a Confederado in Pariah, and a family of homesteaders in Pythos Pass who are starving. The game also includes various hints that will seem out of place at first such as “If you make it to the saloon, show Kissy, the blackjack dealer some respect” and “If you meet the barmaid, remind her how to get rid of those nightmares by counting backwards from 3.” While puzzling, it will be vital to the game when you get to those areas.

Senior vice president, HBO digital and social marketing Sabrina Caluori is excited about this new project and shares that:

“Voice is the next frontier of interactive storytelling, with a powerful ability as a marketing tool to deepen engagement with our fanbases. We’re excited to launch our first Voice initiative as a Westworld story extension that we hope will surprise and delight our viewers.”

You can check out the full trailer for the game right here!

[embedded content] 

It sounds like this will be a ton of fun!

Are you planning on trying out ‘Westworld: The Maze’? Share your thoughts on voice-guided games below!

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