Geoff Johns Confirms Jason Todd And Donna Troy Are Part Of ‘Titans’

It wasn’t much of a secret, but there had not been an official announcement that Jason Todd and Donna Troy were appearing on ‘Titans’, even though photos of both had appeared on social media.  But at his solo panel, producer Geoff Johns, the man responsible for one of the most popular runs on the ‘Teen Titans’ comic, confirmed that they are in the series.

Curran Walters will play Jason Todd, although his role in the story is unknown since Dick Grayson is still going by Robin at least at the start of the first season.  Another question is what will his personality be, considering that as evidenced by the ‘Titans’ trailer, Dick has the angry, “F**k Batman” thing pretty locked down.  Perhaps the stage is being set to bring Jason in as the second Robin, but considering that Batman is not likely to appear in person, how will they manage that?  Will he go straight to being Red Hood?  Will ‘Titans’ mix things up and make him the Flamebird to Dick’s Nightwing?

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Conor Leslie is playing Donna Troy.  Like Jason, it’s unclear how she will be handled on the show.  Until she had her origin mangled, in the comics, she was the original Wonder Girl, Wonder Woman’s little sister.  She later adopted the identity of Troia, but honestly, everyone just calls her Donna Troy.  Generally speaking, she has the same powers as Wonder Woman on a smaller scale.  As with Batman, it is HIGHLY unlikely that Wonder Woman will appear on ‘Titans’.

‘Titans’ will be the first original live-action series offered by DC UniversePre-orders for yearly subscriptions are being taken now.  The service (and ‘Titans’) launches this fall, although the exact date hasn’t been announced.  Monthly subscriptions will be available after the launch, but with a yearly subscription you pay less AND get three extra months free.

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