FX’s Adaptation Is Just Called ‘Y’ Not ‘The Last Man’ And Other Details Emerge, Including How Ampersand Will Appear

FX’s adaptation of Bryan K. Vaughn and Pia Guerra’s DC/Vertigo comic series ‘Y: The Last Man’ is now officially entitled ‘Y’.  (Have fun Googling that now.)  While attending the Television Critics Association press tour, FX president John Landgraf revealed this name change as well as other facts about the show.

Time Setting:

The comic book was set in the “present” when the book was published.  Since it began publication in 2002, that’s when the story was set.  But don’t expect Yorick (Barry Koeghan) to cue up any Backstreet Boys on his iPod one or riff any ‘Napolean Dynamite’ quotes.  According to Landgraf “It’s present day.  I mean, it’s a minute in the future.”


One of the most important characters in the book was Ampersand, Yorick’s Capuchin monkey, who was the only other being on Earth with a Y chromosome– in other words, the only other male mammal– to survive whatever mysterious plague wiped out the rest.  But animals, and Capuchin monkeys in particular, are a nightmare to work with in live action projects.  (Speaking of early 2000s references, that’s why Ross’ monkey Marcel was written out of ‘Friends’.)  According to Landgraf, on ‘Y’, Ampersand will be rendered in “mostly CGI.”

Diane Lane Is Yorick’s Mother:

While many outlets reported that Diane Lane had been cast as a Senator, most neglected to mention that she was playing Yorick’s mother Jennifer.

As Landgraf clarified:

“She’s playing a senator who’s the mother of the hero.  The whole show centers around the family in which the father dies. The mother is a senator but then gets involved in trying to reconstitute the American government. Then her daughter and son, he’s the last man on Earth, are left standing.”

What About Timothy Hutton?

If ‘Y’ is based on ‘Y: The Last Man’, emphasis on the “Last,” how is Timothy Hutton appearing as the President of the United States?  Simply put, the show doesn’t just start after the catastrophe that wipes out the other men.  Hutton’s President will be established before this event and may pop up again in flashbacks.  But not too many.  Hutton is joining ABC’s ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ as a series regular so this is likely a one-and-done appearance, unless he films a few extra scenes in advance.

Keep in mind, FX has only ordered a pilot.  Another major character, Doctor Allison Mann has not even been cast, because she doesn’t enter the story until a little later.  Things may change if the show gets a series order.

Lashana Lynch will co-star as Agent 355, while Imogen Poots plays Hero, Yorick’s sister.  Juliana Canfield plays his girlfriend Beth who, in the comic, was away in Australia when the rest of the male population vanishes.  The cast also includes Marin Ireland and Amber Tamblyn.

Check back for more information about ‘Y’ as it emerges.

Source: /Film

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