The Golden Rage Of Hollywood’!

Ever since Mark Millar announced that Kevin Smith would be penning a “Hit-Girl” series we’ve been dying to find out more. Now, the creator has shared the cover for the first installment of the 4-issue miniseries of ‘Hit-Girl: The Golden Rage of Hollywood’!

We know that the series creator has been busy with Millarworld over at Netflix and working on both new comics as well as weighing in on new shows based off his work, so he’s been letting other writers play in his toybox. All of his writing time these days really is being spent on ‘Prodigy‘, ‘The Magic Order‘, and any other books that he is secretly working on.

Smith has previously stated of the book that:

“I wrote most of The Golden Rage of Hollywood Hit-Girl arc while recuperating after my health scare, so it was Mindy McCready and her bloody thirst for justice who helped me mend my broken heart. Telling tales with Mark’s toys was an absolute pleasure, but having Pernille bring it all to life makes this a must-read for me! Pernille’s style is like hot cocoa for the eyes and soul, so I’m ecstatic she opted to lend it to our pint-sized, pre-pubescent Punisher!”

You can check out the first cover image from Smith’s tale right here!

Kevin isn’t the only one excited about the project either as Millar is thrilled that Smith will be tackling his work! The writer loves what Smith has done over the years and stated:

“[Kevin Smith] is one of my favorite people in Hollywood. He writes dialogue the way I wish people talked, and his intelligence and humor fits into this world just so perfectly … I wrote him a fan letter over twenty years ago asking to see his Superman script and I was there when Clerks was screened in Scotland even before that, so you can imagine how delighted I am to be somewhere on the same credit page as this guy.”

Are you looking forward to reading ‘Hit-Girl: The Golden Rage of Hollywood’? Do you feel that Smith will do just as good of a job on the book that Mark Millar did when he created the character? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Heroic Hollywood

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