DC Comics Sends Nightwing Into A Brand New Direction But Is It Deserved?

WARNING: Major DC Spoilers Ahead! Do not read on if you are not current with the latest ‘Batman’ and ‘Nightwing’ Comics!

It seems that dark times are still ahead for the Bat-family, even after all that has already transpired, including the failed wedding of Batman and Catwoman, and just like the wedding, it all seems to be the result of the mastermind, Bane. The latest victim in Bane’s quest to destroy Batman and his allies appears to be Dick Grayson aka Nightwing, who apparently Bane has put a hit out on. And sadly, without a cowl to protect himself, it appears that Nightwing gets shot in the head.

Fortunately for all those who love the character, Dick Grayson lives, but he appears to have lost all memory of who he is and all those he loves, and according to Bleeding Cool, this apparently is going to be the new status quo of Nightwing for a little while. Total amnesia, on his own, without any “super” allies around to help him out of his current jam. It is a bit of a shock.

Not much else is known about the new direction for Nightwing, aside from fans complaining that DC just does not know how to handle the character and does something like this every few decades just to shake things up when they run out of story ideas for him. Also of note is that with the new live-action incarnations of Robin, Nightwing, and Dick Grayson coming out, it could be this decision was made as a way to distinguish the comic-book version of the character from his live-action counterparts, but it would be the first time the comics have done something so drastic.

What are your thoughts on the current fate of Nightwing? Is he getting a raw deal from DC? Or are you intrigued by the possibilities of a hero with no memories? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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