TV Review: ‘Arrow: Due Process’

“The hardest thing to do is be a hero when no one expects you to be.”  One would think that the bad guy wanting to destroy a city would be old hat by now and that writers would veer away from that particular trope. Fear not fans of potential city-wide destruction; Arrow revisits that well-worn dramatic point as Diaz’s plan to run Oliver comes to light while the Earth-2 Laurel continues the good fight for Oliver while Felicity drifts closer towards the dark side. Phew, that’s a lot of stuff to unpack. Thankfully, for the second week in a row, Arrow does a pretty decent job in making things interesting, even if it’s only the last moments of a particular storyline. To get it out of the way, following Oliver’s prison scenes were the most boring aspects of “Due Process”. There was nothing of interest that occurred between him and the ‘triplets’ (Brick, Sampson, and Turner) though his two conversations with Laurel was a reminder of just how full of himself Oliver can get. Yes, he has no reason to trust her but his attitude came off as holier-than-thou, and Laurel’s retort during her second visit put Oliver back in […]

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