TV Review: ‘The Passage: You Owe Me A Unicorn’

“We’re not qualified to decide what’s right and wrong, ‘cause we don’t know the difference anymore.” Coming in with the second episode of its young life, The Passage steps back from much of the action—for the most part—to maintain an increased focus on the characters inhabiting this world as this ever so slowly inch towards the darkness. As a world-building introduction, premiere episodes are often inundated with so much information that they, in parts, come across as cumbersome and rushed. Last week’s pilot, with Wolgast and Amy on the run for much of it, as well as giving viewers the gist of Project Noah and all those involved, was no exception. “You Owe Me A Unicorn” is a step back from that approach and, despite being bookended by high adrenaline action pieces, is a calmer character study that furthers the bond between Wolgast and Amy while shedding even more light on the origins of Project Noah as well as the conflict within its walls. In last week’s review, I mentioned the importance of having a believable chemistry between Wolgast and Amy to the success of the show. “Unicorn” does a fabulous job building on the pilot’s foundations as the unlikely […]

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