Could This Be The Batman Of The ‘Arrowverse?’

WARNING!! Spoilers ahead for the current season (and potentially next season) of ‘The Flash!’






During this week’s episode of ‘The Flash,’ titled ‘Memorabilia,’ Team Flash decides their best chance of stopping Cicada is to appeal to him as a father, so they try to awaken young Grace Gibbons from her coma. After a series of events in which they try to go into Grace’s comatose mind, Barry and Iris end up instead inside of one of their own daughter’s memories, wherein she is looking at the Cicada exhibit in the Hall of Villains in the Flash Museum in the future. While listening to the recording at the exhibit, which reveals that Cicada resurfaces later in the timeline after the Flash disappears, the show name drops a character that man fans may recognize as a version of Batman from the comics.

According to the recording of an older Captain Singh that Barry and Iris saw:

“Flash did everything he could. But Cicada killed more people than Zoom or even the Red Death. And the way the city saw the Flash, his legacy…it was never the same.”

So for those not in the know, The Red Death is a dark version of Batman from the Earth-52 of the comics, where EVERY Robin he ever trained was killed by one of his enemies, thus leaving Batman a little unstable, and looking for a way to be better at crime-fighting, and fast enough to be able to stop tragedies from occurring. So he decides to become a speedster, and to do so, he absorbs the Flash of Earth-52 and becomes the Red Death, permanently scarring himself in the process, and losing his old feelings about not killing along the way, thus becoming a very formidable foe for any hero, as he has the speed of the Flash plus the mind of Batman.

If ‘The Flash’ is name-dropping The Red Death now, there is a VERY good chance they are setting him up to be next season’s villain, which they have done in the past by name dropping DeVoe in Season 3 before he was introduced in Season 4 as the villain. Plus, this allows the ‘Arrowverse’ to have ‘Batman’ without really having Batman, as this would be a version of the Dark Knight audiences have never seen in live-action before, and would not really interfere with any big-screen plans the company may have planned.

What do you think of the Red Death character coming to the Arrowverse? Do you think it would be a good villain for ‘The Flash?’ Or do you think the show has done TOO MANY SPEEDSTER villains already, regardless if this one happens to be Bruce Wayne? Feel free to share your opinions, and any theories you might have, in the comments below!

Source: Cinemablend

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