TV Review: ‘The Flash: Memorabilia’

“The future isn’t always what it seems. We decide what it gets to be.” In an attempt to take down the murderous Cicada, Team Flash (thanks to Sherloque and his connections to Earth-221) get their hands on the Memory Machine: a device that will allow them to enter the mind of Grace, the villain’s comatose niece, in an effort to stop the big bad’s meta-killing rampage. It’s a good plan but, considering we’ve just hit the halfway mark in Season Five, the mission’s failure isn’t really in question. But it does build towards the resolution of Cicada’s arc…and hints at what could be. The setup for “Memorabilia” is nothing new: afraid that the memories of her partnership with Eobard Thawne will be discovered, Nora uses the Memory Machine to plunge into Grace’s mind without backup. It comes as no surprise when she gets stuck, trapped in the young girl’s traumatized mind. It’s up to Barry and Iris to rescue their daughter before the defense mechanisms in Grace’s mind tear Nora apart. In that regard, there are some portions of “Memorabilia” that play out in a similar way to Inception, where the visual representation of images in someone’s mind is not […]

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