TV Review: ‘The Flash: Goldfaced’

“Sometimes the ends justify the means.” With all the seriousness surrounding the Cicada conundrum, it’s past time for Team Flash to partake in a bit of light-hearted fun. Of course, stealing a 3-D printer that would be used to create artificial organs for kiddos or being trapped in a house by Orlin Dwyer, aka Cicada, doesn’t actually sound like the whimsy they deserve but, when trying to maintain focus for the season’s back nine (so to speak), maybe this is the closest we’ll get to a break. Though once again absent from the show, Cisco’s work on the metahuman cure has been nearly completed. A few more tweaks and they’ll have what they need to permanently shut Cicada down. Well, if they can immobilize him for 60 seconds or so. Considering the beat downs he’s given the crew, they’re going to need an assist if they want to hold him down that long. To do so, they’ll need the Neuro-stasis field generator or bio EMP. With it, they could shut Cicada down long enough to introduce the cure to his system. But things won’t be that easy as the bio EMP has already been stolen from Van Horn Industries by […]

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