TV Review: ‘Deadly Class: Saudade’

“Life’s about who you love and what you do for them.” In what is no doubt the most bizarre episode yet, Marcus and Billy head to Vegas (with Saya, Willie, and Maria in tow) to kill Billy’s father, Gene. What follows is a visually striking and imaginative trip that ponders questions of reality, life, and all manner of self-introspection. Making the decision last week, the affable Billy has realized that, if his father Gene isn’t eliminated, the lives of his mother and little brother will be irreparably destroyed. Billy’s solution to kill his drunken, abusive, gambling degenerate of a father is the only way he can think to save his already fractured family. Calling Marcus in as backup (with the others along for the ride) is the only way to get it done. As students at a school for assassins, killing a crooked cop indebted to the mob shouldn’t be too difficult, now should it? It probably wouldn’t have been except for a few surprises along the way. The first is a stop at a Jerry Garcia caravan. Full of hippies there to have a good time, the crew (save for Billy) partake in some recreational drug use. One hit […]

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